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Voting FAQs

These are answers to a few questions that we are frequently asked in our office, for more election and voting information please visit the links on our main elections & voting page.
  • I am a college/graduate student. Where should I go to vote or request my absentee ballot?
    • In Iowa, students have the option to vote either a home or in their college town. For more information about student options, visit the Secretary of State's College Voter Information page.
  • What if I have or am a power of Attorney (POA)?
    • Under Iowa Law, an individual who has power of attorney does not have the authority to sign a voter registration form, request an absentee ballot, or cast an absentee ballot on behalf of the voter. If a voter is unable to sign, the voter can use a rubber stamp or mark to sign. The voter may also ask for assistance and have someone sign the form on the voter's behalf if it is done in the voter's presence and with the voter's permission.
  • Can I take a ballot home with me?
    • No. Iowa law does not allow us to give you a ballot to take home. You can either vote in our office or we can mail you your ballot if you are within the timeframe to do so.
  • Can I give my voted absentee ballot to someone else to return for me?
      • You may designate someone to return your ballot under the following circumstances: The designee is a member of your household OR The designee is an immediate family member OR You are disabled and you have designated someone to return your ballot. Please refer to the directions and rules for designating someone to return your ballot included in the official instructions included with your mailed ballot.
  • Can someone with a previous felony conviction vote?
    • Those with a prior felony conviction are only permitted to vote if their voting rights have been restored by the Governor. For more information about restoration of rights visit the Secretary of State’s Registering to Vote after a Felony Conviction Page
  • I just registered to vote and received a card in the mail, but there is a mistake on it; what do I do now?
    • If you notice a mistake on your voter card please contact the Auditor’s Office and/or submit a new registration form to correct your information.
  • Do I have to vote for everything on the ballot?
    • No. You can vote for as much or as little as you would like; it's completely up to you!
  • Will the County Auditor send absentee ballot request forms to all voters in the county?
    • No. Iowa Law prohibits this. If you personally request an absentee ballot request form, the auditor’s office will send you one.

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