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About the Weed Commissioner

The Boone County Weed Commission is tasked with upholding sections of Iowa Code that pertain to the destruction of noxious weeds within the county. The Boone County Board of Supervisors appoints a Weed Commissioner annually to carry out these duties. A list of noxious weeds can be found here. If noxious weeds are found on your property they are required by law to be destroyed. This responsibility falls to the landowner. If noxious weeds are not destroyed by mowing, burning or spraying a complaint may be filed. If a complaint is filed, you will be served a notice and given 5 days to destroy the noxious weeds. If this is not done, the Boone County Weed Commission is tasked with destroying the weeds. The cost of this destruction is then billed to the landowner.

Boone County is required by law to post a list of noxious weeds annually. This is done in the spring and can be found in the local papers. If you are interested in learning more about noxious weeds or how to identify them please browse the noxious weeds profiles.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Boone County is to be accountable to its citizens in providing innovative and high-quality government services in an economical, fair, professional, and courteous manner to enhance and protect the health, welfare, and safety of those who live and work in Boone County.