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Due to a staff shortage, The Boone County Planning and Development Department will be unable to process passports on Wednesday April 24th, or Friday April 26th. Normal operation will resume on April 29th.

High Trestle Trail

Imagine riding your bike or walking across the Des Moines River Valley on one of the longest and highest pedestrian bridges in the world.  This new attraction to Boone County offers nearly 10 miles of concrete trail for recreational use by pedestrians, bicyclists, nature enthusiasts, cross-country skiers, and equestrian riders as well.

Please Note: Horses are not allowed on the bridge. 

To ensure safety and enjoyment, the Boone County Conservation Board has established the following ordinance for the High Trestle Trail.  Please take time to read and understand them, and please enjoy this wonderful new attraction. 

High Trestle Trail Ordinance

If you are planning on making a trip out to the High Trestle Trail Bridge, a weather station has been placed right at the bridge. 

Accurate current weather conditions


During the summer months of approximately April 1 - October 31, the bridge lights will turn on at dusk and off at 12:00a.m.

During the winter months of approximately November 1 - March 31, the bridge lights will turn on at dusk and off at 9:00 p.m.

Trail Maintenance

Trail maintenance is ongoing within our parks and trails. Please consider donating to the long term maintenance of the High Trestle Trail and Bridge at one of our donation boxes along the trail. 

A green donation box is located in the trail parking lot off QF Lane. Look for it under the wooden kiosk by the handicapped parking spaces. A second donation box is placed on the West Overlook. Another donation box is located on the west side of the bridge near the Des Moines River Valley Overlook. 

Proceeds will go to the Boone County Conservation Foundation where they can be designated toward trail projects. For more information please call 515-353-4237. Thank you for your consideration and dedication to this wonderful multiuse trail.


The High Trestle Trail won two awards at the Iowa Bike Expo held January 23, 2016 at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines. The Best of Iowa Trail 2016 Award and The Best of Iowa Bridge 2016 Award went to the High Trestle Trail. A big THANK YOU to all who volunteer to help keep the High Trestle Trail an award winning trail. Also, thank you to those staffing the Madrid Action Committee booth at the Iowa Expo for accepting the awards.


2335 Qf Ln.
Madrid, IA 50156

Map · High Trestle Trail

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